Reward Points

  What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are just like money at Roll Saga Games. When you earn Reward Points, they're stored in your account, and whenever you make a purchase; you'll have the option of using a portion or all of your Reward Points to either discount the item or, if you have enough, pay for it entirely with Reward Points! 

  How to earn Reward Points:

For every purchase made, you'll receive 10 Reward Points per one dollar spent. Additionally, you can earn Reward Points by signing up to newsletters, creating accounts, and sharing things with your friends. Whenever there are Reward Points to be earned, you'll see the   icon letting you know how many Reward Points will be unlocked for the action or purchase.

  What you can buy with Reward Points:

You can use Reward Points just like money. Look for the on any products page to see how many Reward Points the item costs in full. But you don't have to save up a lot of Reward Points to use them, simply apply any amount of Reward Points to a purchase and have the discount reflected immediately. 

  How to get started earning Reward Points:

If you don't have an account at Roll Saga Games, create one now and be sure to opt in for the Roll Saga Games newsletter -- it's totally free and you'll earn your first 200 Reward Points for doing so. After your account is created and you're part of Roll Saga, your Reward Points will be stored in your account for you to use or review at any time.

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