Special thanks to David CraftTodd RollinDrew Moulster, Phil Hatfieldand Jack Olszewski for their expertise and spirit.  Also special thanks to Steve Tower and After Further Review for their faithful coverage and interest.

The following is a list of the 60 backers that supported our Kickstarter campaign and helped make Roll Saga Baseball, our first (and flagship) game, become a reality. They will always be held in honor. We'll never take these names down:

TserofalChris MathewsDungeonMaster
Todd RollinAmanda HawesWilliam Underwood
David YamadaGary HolcombRichard Hensman
Jason M. BlairLeontiosSteve Manser
Drew MoulsterNeil TopolnickiRobert Corbett
Dave MossDavid CraftJerome Escotte
Walter JonesRay PriceLarry
David EllsJason YorkJames H Jones
Kevin RobsonErik JohnsonKon Kon
Ralph MazzaRaymondJJJJ
Terry SimoAlastair ThomasMurrayXmas
MelvezWayne LarocqueDavid Nichols
John OlszewskiDavid GregoryPaul Aceto
James SchneiderPhil HatfieldEric Nivala
Richard SalinasTimothy WojcikAFR Steve
Brett HarderDean NicolsonNick South
Roger KnowlesMichael WalshRoyce Banuelos
Robert BraunsteinKristopher VurraroAdrian Seeley
Danny DoughertyMike EidScoutee
Matt KaminskyRich StricklandJohn J. Walsh IV

We also extend a sincere thank you and credit to our valued contributors who, even before the Kickstarter campaign, took a deep look at the game and offered invaluable insight:

Paul Masao Wishman, Robert Smith, Scott Schihl, Curt *, Robert Slaughter, Allen Shock, Mark Pafko, Jeff Jones, Danny Kirkendall, Mike Carman, Ray Price, John E. Freeman, Dan Teker, The Angel of Dice, Al Wilson, Jake Bateh, and Nolan R. *

* Last name witheld by request