I've noticed that you don't have licensing from the MLB or MLBPA. How will this affect Roll Saga Baseball?

By First Amendment right, Roll Saga Baseball can, as any other fantasy baseball league or game, use content such as player names, stats, and team names.

The US Supreme Court decided that player names and statistics are public domain and are readily accessible by the public: baseball has always been called the National Pastime, for example, and the court said that this information is "...all readily available in the public domain, and it would be strange law that a person would not have a First Amendment right to use information that is available to everyone."

In Roll Saga Baseball, we do not use MLB or MLBPA logos, nor do we use player pictures or any other trademarked, copyrighted or restricted asset. We take great effort in ensuring that all game components are legally sound.

Please see the following United States Court case in which this issue was decided: http://media.ca8.uscourts.gov/opndir/07/10/063357P.pdf

Also, check out this excellent article if you are interested in acquiring more information without the legalese: No Ruling Means No Change for Fantasy Baseball Leagues (New York Times)

Is Roll Saga Baseball available now?

You can pre-order Roll Saga now until we establish a normal retail platform, which will take regular orders delivered on a normal (10 - 15 day) schedule. Please be aware that as a pre-order, we cannot guarantee the delivery times or dates. This project is still in development and has been since its Kickstarter release.

How many teams come with Roll Saga Baseball? Can I choose to buy certain teams?

All Core Boxes come with all teams and all players for the season that you're getting. So when you're starting out with a Core Box, there is no need to choose teams, because you get them all. You can add on other seasons as you expand.

Are there many charts in Roll Saga Baseball?

Not at all and extremely little chart flipping for almost all plays. However, there is referencing the charts for things like determining a player’s injury or seeing the weather for the stadium. Most play takes place without chart references as the stats and abilities are right there on the field (on the standees). All of the things that usually require chart flipping, we have taken great effort in resolving for the Roll Saga owner/manager.

How many dice rolls does it take to resolve an at bat in Roll Saga Baseball?

Almost always 2 rolls: One roll to see if it is a hit, if the batter swings, and what type of hit results. And the second roll determines where the ball is driven to and the distance. Different levels of play have different protocols for resolving at-bats.

How long does it take Roll Saga Baseball?

In Roll Saga, there are many ways to play -- from advanced levels which involve deep strategy to faster games full of non-stop action:

  • Master Level: 2 Players. Pitch-by-pitch mode is used to really delve into deep baseball strategy by playing out each action and play. As manager, you will use the full power and prowess of your pitchers on the mound to outsmart and outplay your opponent. Playing at the Master Level with pitch-by-pitch mode takes as long as a real baseball game: approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • Advanced Level: 1-2 Players. Still deep strategy, but without the pitch-by-pitch mode, the game moves a lot faster and focuses on resulting player actions instead of specific actions. Advanced Level of Play takes around 30 minutes for a game.
  • Simulation Levels: 1-2 Players. Use Simulation Levels to speed through parts of games or even whole seasons. (At-bat Simulation: less than 30 seconds. Inning Simulation: approximately 2 minutes. Game Simulation: around 10 minutes. Mixed Level: But the best part about how Play Levels are used in Roll Saga is that any level can be mixed and matched with another. Play out one at-bat using Master Level and then switch to Advanced Level, or even a Simulation Level for the next at-bat. Play out a whole game and simulate another.)

There are no limits to the depth of strategy or speed of game play. Using Mixed Levels of Play, the amount of time that a game can be played out is up to you!

The Game Mat is huge! Will it fit on my table?

We've designed the Game Mat to be as large as we can without being too large. It'll fit on the average size table or desk. We went with this generous size because we want you to be immersed in the game - just like you were at the stadium. Plus, it's made of durable and flexible material that is much better than any type of cardboard or chipboard.