Roll Saga Baseball Features

27 inch Game Mat

Converting the game mat to Fenway Park.
Converting the game mat to Fenway Park.

No matter where you're playing your game - in Chicago, L.A., Boston, or any one of the 30 Major League ballparks - your field converts easily. This not only looks good, but it further enhances your gaming experience by using accurate wall distances and heights so that your game is true to the stadium you're in. A home run hit in one ballpark to left field might not be a home run in another park at the same distance.

Real Players

A game between Miami and New York.
A game between Miami and New York.

Real and modern players are used to authenticate your experience and bring the excitement of real-world baseball to your living-room, office, or wherever you decide to play. 

Not only is each player represented by a standee on the field, but these players can gain experience as you play them and develop under your ownership and management. 

Just like in real life, players can gain new skills, have slumps, or get on hot streaks. But if you don't want that depth of play, just use them as they come with their current and modern stats and abilities already in place. 

Roll Saga Player Types:

  • Starting, Relief, and Closing Pitchers
  • Catchers
  • All Position Players
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Umpires
  • Player Agents

True Action

Pitching Cards enable players to throw real pitches.
Pitching Cards enable players to throw real pitches.
A player standee running the bases.
A player standee running the bases.

Each pitcher has his own repertoire - his own arsenal - that's based on his real-world knowledge. If he knows how to throw it in real-life, he can throw it in Roll Saga under your management. 

There are 17 Pitch Cards: From 2-Seam Fastballs to the elusive and dynamic Japanese Shuuto. They're all there and ready for you to use in game play. Just select the cards that correspond to the pitcher's aresenal that you have on the mound, decide where you want to throw it, and let it go. Three easy steps: Grip (choose a pitch), Set (target a zone), and Release (roll the dice). Bat for power, hit for speed, or bunt. Let it go or swing. The choice is yours. The options that a real batter faces are the same options and techniques you'll use in Roll Saga.

Have your runner play off base and go for the steal on a pitch. Each player standee illustrates that particular player's running speed just as his skill-sets reflect what running skills - like stealing - that he may have. Position players are accurately rated on their proficiency in the field as well, so how and where you use them in your franchise can make all of the difference. And not only are position players graded according to their fielding ability, but also their throwing ability.

Great Expansions

Umpires play important parts in the game.
A view behind blue - as they used to say.
Season Expansions expand the game with all players of the season.
Season Expansions expand the game with all players of the season.

  • Stadium Expansion Packs come with everything needed to transform your game mat into any major league stadium. Not only for looks, these transformations put the stadium's accurate dimensions in play for your games.
  • Season Expansion Packs include all the teams and every player for the year selected. Not only that, but each team also comes with five manager standees. That's over 1,300 player standees (the players are represented on the game mat by player standees that sit upright in standee stands and contain all of the player's data right there in clear view).
  • Umpire Expansion Packs come with all major league umpires for the year chosen. Umps have abilities and skills in Roll Saga that affect game play and are just as important to the Roll Saga system as players. Umpire Expansion Packs come with all the Umpire standees (about 100 standees - depending on year) and 4 Umpire Standee Stands for their placement in the field.

Premium Parts

Thick and premium.
Thick & premium.
Flexible and durable.
Flexible & durable.

With a strong and flexible rubber backing and a stain resistant polyester top, the game mat easily rolls up and tucks away inside your Roll Saga Game Box / Carrying Case until you're ready to play again.