Roll Saga Baseball: How it works

Everything that you need to play Roll Saga Baseball is in the Core Box. And it's all that you'll ever need.  All Core Boxes come with every team and player on that team (40-man roster). That's 30 teams and 1200 players! Plus, each team comes with 4 to 6 coaches (depending on the team) and 1 manager standee. This means that you get over 1,000 player standees that can be placed on the field and represent the true player, coach, or manager.

Not ready for the Core Box, yet? Have a look at the Starter Box. It's packed with a lot of the same great components -- but at half the size and price of the Core Box. Check out the Starter Box >

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Here's a list of all the components that come with every Core Box:

  • One 27 x 27 inch Premium Game Mat
  • 1 Full Season of All Teams (40-man rosters)*
  • 7 Dice (6 standard and 1 custom)
  • 14 White Standee Stands (home)
  • 14 Black Standee Stands (away)
  • 1 Ball Token
  • 1 Universal Scoreboard

  • 1 Clear Scoreboard Stand
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
  • 18 Pitching Cards
  • 30 Bags (for standees)
  • 1 Wire Bound Rule Book (150 color pgs.)
  • 1 Big and Sturdy Box / Carrying Case

* Qualifying players from the 40-man roster. Bench coach, first base coach, third base coach, and manager included with each team. 

Please note: Box and packaging may vary.

Expansions? Yes, please.

Even though all Core Boxes and Starter Boxes come with a select season - including every player and every team, there are also expansion packs available to enhance the gaming experience through added layers of realism. 

Stadium Expansion Packs come with everything needed to transform your Core Box game mat into any major league stadium. Not only for looks, these transformations put the stadium's accurate dimensions in play for your games. Take a look at Stadiums >

Note: Stadium Expansions are for use with the Core Box game mat only

Season Expansion Packs allow you to play with all of the players and teams of the given season. Check out the Seasons >

Umpire Expansion Packs integrate umpires into the game for an unparalleled layer of realism. See the Umpires >